John Beldon and Bessie’s 45th anniversary

At Ruby’s in January 1941, John Beldon and Bessie’s 45th anniversary.

Back Row:  Floyd Crim, Clarence Hove holding Merlin Hove, Charles Crim,
Leonard  Bergman, Edgar Crim, Halbert Crim, Severt Crim.

Second from back:  Ruby Jacobson, Victor Jacobson, Berniece Hove holding
Clarice, Hildegarde Crim, Lola Crim, Opal Crim, Helen Bergman
holding Jeanette, Genevieve Crim, Sadie Dempsey (Bessie’s niece), Virginia Crim.

Third from back:  Charlotta Bergstrom, Aunt Dora holding Charlene, John
Beldon Crim holding Donald, Aunt Sophia, Bessie Crim, Pete Mathre (brother of

Front Row (kneeling):  Alton Crim, Lois Crim, Ilene Jacobson, Marjorie
Jacobson, Vincel Crim.

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