Checklist for prospective graduate students

Have you presented your resume completely, correctly, and honestly? Are you sure you want to work and pursue quality research in the field that I am working in? Are you committed to come to ISU (if you are not already at ISU) and work for me if you sign an acceptance letter saying you accept an RA position offered by me? Are you sure that you really want an RA position that I offer and that if you accept you will make a good faith effort to complete the degree that you came here to earn? Do you understand what it takes to earn a Masters or PhD degree with me as your advisor?

Note: Financial support will be provided for students willing to pursue a Masters degree with the thesis option and for students pursuing a PhD degree. Financial support will not be provided for students pursuing a Masters degree with non-thesis option or for students not willing to fulfill the requirements for Masters or PhD degrees.

Are you sure you have your application material ready?