Useful Links for Sustainable Communities Online


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Group Work Sites/Assignment                                      Bibliographies and Links from A. Vasishth’s Sustainability Class


Sustainable Communities Sites


Sustainability Indicators/Measurement Sites



Other kinds of links … assembled by Dan Langlie in Spring 2002, let me know if there are problems with these …


Greenways:  Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure


Midtown Greenways ( - coalition supporting

development of a bikepath/green corridor through Minneapolis.


NYC Greenways & Greenstreets

( - paths and greenways in NYC.


Green Building Design ( - Design and build a sustainable

future with the Green Design Network.  Sources and publications and

newsletters on green design.


Greenclips ( Browse the site

or sign up for the newsletter: a summary of news on sustainable building

design and related government and business issues published every two weeks

by email.


Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems ( ) -

non-profit education, demonstration, and research organization applies

appropriate technologies and sustainable design practices for individual

home builders to regional planning and natural resources.


Van der Ryn Architects ( - cutting edge green

architects and designers ( - Website with sources,

directory, solutions for green/sustainable building.


Jerde Partnership International ( - Architects and

urban designers that design remarkable and massive mixed use, urban

developments all over the world.


Arcosanti ( - fascinating experiment in a new

kind of urbanism - everything designed into a compact 3-dimensional stucture

in order to improve access to and among people, activities and business and

the natural outdoors.  Different classes and confereces also take place



Ecosa ( ) - Non-profit institute dedicated to

sustainable design and designing with nature for the benefit of humankind.

Total immersion semester for students and workshops for faculty.




Sprawlwatch ( ) Site providing info and

articles on, of all things, sprawl.


Sierra Club ( - Impressive work done on

the causes, impacts and solutions to sprawl.



Natural Resources, Health, Economy


Institute for Local Self Reliance ( - a nonprofit

research and educational organization that provides technical assistance and

information on environmentally sound economic development strategies. Since

1974, ILSR has worked with citizen groups, governments and private

businesses in developing policies that extract the maximum value from local



Rocky Mountain Institute (  an entrepreneurial,

nonprofit organization that fosters the efficient and restorative use of

resources to create a more secure, prosperous, and life-sustaining world. ( - Natural Capitalism is a powerful new

way of looking at our economy and the way we look at our environment and the

way we design and develop.  Read the whole book and more online.


Appropriate Technology ( ) -

Website containing links to organizations dedicated to the development and

distribution of appropriate technology - i.e. effective, affordable,





Eldis ( ) - clearinghouse for research on all kinds of

international development issues - equity, environment, democracy, literacy,

health, etc.  Listserve available.


International Institute for Sustainable Development ( - organization covering international development

policy - UN protocols, international treaties on environment and



University of Iowa International Programs Third World Development Support

( - program comprises

faculty from more than ten disciplines including geography, journalism,

anthropology, urban and regional planning, art and art history, civil and

environmental engineering, African-American world studies, history, social

work and political science. The faculty share an interest not only in the

broad issues of development but specifically in an examination of the

support services that the social sciences offer to the process of

development. TWDS faculty are involved in training efforts in the U.S. and

abroad and consult on development program design and evaluation for

international agencies. TWDS promotes, within the University and beyond,

interdisciplinary scholarship, research, and applied professionalism related

to problem-solving in the area of development