Supplementary Reading Suggestions:


Sustainable Communities 484XQ/584


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Note:  The authors on this page are offered as possibilities.  This list is not exhaustive.  Go ahead and review other books/authors and other articles.


My suggestion:  use Web of Science (or similar) article index to find articles in your area of interest – transportation, urban design, land use, etc.  Order them by interlibrary loan if we do not have them in the library. 


For websites, the current ‘useful links’ page may be a useful place to start …


A Few Sustainable Communities Authors:


Sustainability and economics

T.M Power (the rest of the book that we have an excerpt from in the reader, or a more recent book)

Irrational Man article, from the Chronicle of Higher Education, with a bibliography of ‘heterodox’ economics

E.F. Schumacher Small is Beautiful

Herman Daly


Timothy Beatley eg. Ecology of Place or Green Urbanism

Rutherford Platt

Hugh Satterthwaite, ed.

Daniel Mazmanian (sustainability not environmental policy)

William Shutkin (Land that Could Be)


And check out the *extensive* bibliographies at this site, developed and maintained by Ashwani Vasishth