Readings Journals

Sustainable Communities

CRP/Env S 484/584

Professor Clapp



paragraph or two for each reading

descriptive and evaluative

-         identify the main idea or a key idea (your choice)

-         say what you think about it in evaluative terms by:

o       what is good about it (reason)

o       what is bad about it (reason)

o       how it could apply to your project/your thinking/your actions

how I will evaluate:

            - meets basic criteria

            - competent organization (readable),

- competent spelling and grammar (no more than two mechanical errors)

ESL:  use spelling and grammar check, will accept mechanical errors that would get by the spelling/grammar check on the word processor

About half the submissions may be written in spanish


584 and XQ:

most readings three paragraphs

descriptive and evaluative, reflective

-         see 484 description

-         go ahead and be complicated

supplementary materials:

            - total for term: 

- 3-4 books (write a review of about 5 paragraphs), or

- 6-8 articles (quality of Thering and Doble)

- 20 sustainability project websites

- some combination at about that weighting eg.

2 books, 2 articles, 6 websites

            - to start you off, I have a list of books on the website, plus you can explore through the ‘useful links’ that should lead on to many sub-specialty areas eg. sustainable transportation, sustainable urban design etc.


how I will evaluate:

484 criteria, only grammar and spelling at professional levels

basic expectation is no mechanical errors, organization good

plus choice of materials to include/review

inclusion of complete bibliographic info for materials chosen