Measuring (and Defining) Sustainability:



            Measuring Community Success                         Bellagio Principles

                        Iowa State publication                                      guidelines for the practical assessment of progress

                                                                                                towards sustainable development goals


            Sustainable Measures                                       LEED Green Building Rating System

                                                                                                U.S. Green Building Council, has a ppt intro presentation


            Redefining Progress                                          Sustainable Communities Network

                        Oakland CA NGO,                                          Inventories and Indicators

includes Ecological Footprint

Genuine Progress Indicator


Minnesota Planning Examples of Indicator Projects


Sustainability Institute


The International Sustainability Indicators Network has a resource page with useful links, at:


A web site complied by the International Institute for Sustainable Development, Environment Canada, Redefining Progress, the World Bank and the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development, presents a Compendium of Sustainable Development Indicator Initiatives and Publications, at:


The National Center for Environmental Decision-Making Research has a site at:


The World Bank maintains a site pertaining to Environmental Economic Indicators at


A global perspective on sustainability indicators is provided at the Dashboard On Sustainability site at: