Schedule of Lectures, Readings, Project and Due Dates:


Class Week


Lectures/Class Sessions

Draft Project Schedule

Assigned Readings and

Due Dates

Week One

   January 14

   January 16



Class Introduction

Concepts of Sustainability






Roseland Ch 1

Internet homework ex

Week Two

   January 21



   January 23



Sustainability, Environment and Economy


Environmental Corridor





Introduction of Term Project


Bartelmus 1994

Rees 1999


Client website

Observation/description field trip

Week Three

   January 28



   January 30



Group Roles, Process

This did not get done


Individuals in Groups


Group Formation



Guest:  Norm Riggs

Thering and Doble 2000, Rorty 2002



Roseland Ch 3, 13.

Week Four

   February 4


   February 6



Group Tasks:

Techniques of Description

Sustainable Economics


Descriptions of Area:

- demographic, visual, economic

Readings journal due



Power 1988


Week Five

   February 11


   February 13



Sustainable Environment


Description Reviews


Descriptions cont’d


Initial Review of Descriptions


Torgerson 1995

Rein and Schon 1993




Week Six

   February 18


   February 20



Description Reviews and work session

Work session


Identification of Issues


Develop Project Ideas


Description reviews due

Week Seven

   February 25

   February 27



Analyzing futures:  environment, economy and society



Decide what needs analysis, plan for analysis


Hawken et al 1999


Sitarz 1998

Week Eight

   March 4

   March 6



Project-based resource people, as needed


Doing analysis, developing projects


Krizek and Power 1997


Week Nine

   March 11

   March 13





Doing analysis, developing projects


Resources as needed

Week Ten

   Spring Break

   Mar 17-21




Week Eleven

   March 25


   March 27



Indicators of Sustainability

Defining Good Presentations



Readings journal due

See website for readings/links

Week Twelve

   April 1

   April 3



Practice Presentations and Review


Practice Presentations and Review


Week Thirteen

   April 8


   April 10



Work on Final Client Presentations



Work on Final Client Presentations, use reviews


Practice Presentations Reviews Due

Week Fourteen

   April 15

   April 17



The Bigger Picture:  Global Discussions of Sustainability



Presentations to client:  date/format to be determined


Week Fifteen

   April 22

   April 24




Review of Class



Week Sixteen

   April 29

   May 1




Presentations in atrium:  date/format to be determined

May 1:  Final readings journal due (cumulative, with changes as needed),

Reflection paper due

584 papers due