Sustainable Communities 484/584

January 28, 2003



Group Skills


Two kinds of work:

Managerial                   task leader                                appoint initially until members

Interpersonal                process facilitator                      acquire confidence/familiarity

                                                                                    to share these responsibilities

                                                                                    without feeling uncomfortable



Making Groups Work:


Clarifying Goals:

-         likelihood of confusion on direction is very high (do the math)

-         form agreement

-         keep written records

-         be willing to revisit as necessary (ie. is it time to check in?)


Active communication:  responsibility for speaking and listening

Giving feedback, both negative and positive

            Focus on the behavior, focus on the work, not the person

            Praise for work well-done


Handling difficult people

-         responsibilities of individuals (to contribute, to assess own contribution, to respect task and process)

-         responsibilities of groups:  to encourage those less forthcoming, to ensure inclusion, to limit the ability of one person to dominate the time or the task

-         eg. could you summarize that briefly and then we will ask someone else