Homework for January 21, 2003

Sustainable Communities 484/584


For class on Monday, I would like you to have tried the online tests, and skimmed the material on group work on task and process – we will be using this material in class.


Group Work:  Internet Readings and Exercises


  1. Group Work:  Task and Process
  2. Individual Roles Within a Group and Individual Working Styles


1. Group Work:  Task and Process

There is an excellent online set of human resource summaries at:


put together by Carter McNamara


The first part of this homework is to have a look at the first two sections of this web page …

Basic Overview of Stages of Group Development
Development of Informal Work Groups

Read them for the following points: 

-         distinction between an individual and their role in a group

-         paying attention to group process

-         typical stages of group development

-         conflict resolution within a group


2. Individual Roles Within a Group and Individual Working Styles


now for the fun part …

            Take Team Roles Test at


you can take the free version, read the brief ‘about this test’ window


            and take the cheapie version of the Myers-Briggs test at



I have some links to basic interpretive material (for our purposes) at





And, do a web search for Myers Briggs Types and interpersonal relating skills – there is a lot of material available.  Besides, while you are looking you can read all that stuff about finding your soul mate by their Myers Briggs type …