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Behavior and reproductive success of communally breeding Groove-billed Anis (Crotophaga sulcirostris)

In the late 1970's and early 1980's Rolf Koford and I conducted post-doctoral research on Groove-billed Anis in Costa Rica with Sandra Vehrencamp.  Recently I summarized our work and the work of other researchers in a species account for the Birds of North America.

Publications on Groove-billed Anis:

Bowen, B. S.  2002.  Groove-billed Ani (Crotophaga sulcirostris).  In The Birds of North America, No. 612 (A. Poole and F. Gill, eds.).  The    Birds of North America, Inc., Philadelphia, PA.

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Vehrencamp, S. L., B. S. Bowen, and R. R. Koford.  1986.  Breeding roles and pairing patterns within communal groups of groove-billed anis (Crotophaga sulcirostris).  Anim. Behav. 34:347-366.

Koford, R. R., B. S. Bowen, and S. L. Vehrencamp.  1986.  Habitat saturation in groove-billed anis (Crotophaga sulcirostris).  Am. Nat. 127:317-337.

Effects of burning, grazing and cowbird parasitism on grassland-nesting birds

In the late 1980's and early 1990's  I participated in a study of the effects of habitat manipulations on ducks and Upland Sandpipers in North Dakota while at the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center.  I am no longer involved in this research.

Publications on grassland birds:

Koford, R. R., B. S. Bowen, J. T. Lokemoen, and A. D. Kruse.  2000.  Cowbird parasitism in grassland and cropland in the northern Great Plains.  Pp. 229-235 in J. N. M. Smith, T. Cook, S. I. Rothstein, S. K. Robinson, and S. G. Sealy, eds., Ecology and management of cowbirds and their hosts, University of Texas Press.  388 pp.  link to paper.

Kruse, A. D., and B. S. Bowen.  1996.  Effects of burning and grazing on nesting waterfowl in North Dakota.  J. Wildl. Manage. 60:233-246.  link to paper.

Bowen, B. S., and A. D. Kruse.  1993.  Effects of grazing on nesting by upland sandpipers in southcentral North Dakota.  J. Wildl. Manage. 57:291-301. link to paper

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