Assignment 4: Final Model


Courtyard Night

Living Room Interior

Courtyard Day

Exterior Stair



3D Model

Project Summary

The Koshino House consists of two parallel concrete rectangular confines. The forms are partially buried into the sloping ground of a national park and become a compositional addition to the landscape. Placed carefully as to not disrupt the pre-existing trees on the site, the structure responds to the adjacent ecosystem while the concrete forms address a more general nature through a playful manipulation of light.

The construction of the digital model required creation of multiple floor levels as the structure sits on a sloped site. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of building the model was this sloping landscape. With detailed plans difficult to come by, some aspects of the model had to be improvised, such as the length of the window slits that filter light into the space near the large exterior stair. Perhaps the most important thing to take away from this is the level of detail required in the modification of the components. If I were to continue working on this, I would improve the level of detail.