Lab Exam 1

These 71 species are randomly called up as you click on "Exam 1." Place your cursor over "species name" and "region" to find the correct answer.

Lab Exam 2

This link takes you to a page with species called up randomly.


To take these quizzes, click on a quiz number; place your cursor over "species name" and "region" to find the answer When more than one quiz is listed for a series, the images are the same but the order has been changed.

Abies scales (6 species) 1 2 Abies comparison 1

Picea cones (6 species) 1

Cupressaceae and Taxodiaceae (10 species) 1 (does not include Juniperus)

Pinaceae 1 (does not include Abies, Picea, Pseudotsuga menziesii)

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