Final Perspective Renderings

Longitudinal Section

OZ House

Interior Render

OZ House

Exterior Render

OZ House

Project Summary

After an extensive amount of Revit work throughout the semester, I was able to completely model the OZ House as close to the actual condition of the home according to the documentation I received from Swatt-Miers Architects. This home posed a number of challenges, as there were some small discrepancies between a few of the documents and photos, but I was eventually able to succeed in completing the model. This house, after working on it for so long, became apparent that it was initially designed in Sketchup, as there were a number of extrusions the home featured here and there which would be more difficult to quickly model in Revit. I found it fascinating how a different 3D modeling program could yield different design results based on the ease of designing it in one over another. In the end, however, Revit can model all.