Brian Hornbuckle: Teaching

Courses I teach / have taught and some teaching resources I have developed over the years.

Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University

Agronomy / Meteorology 206: Introduction to Weather and Climate.
Each fall semester since 2004 I have team taught 206 with Professor Ray Arritt and a graduate student. These students have been: Jimmy Correia (2004-2005), John Baranick (2006-2007), Tracy Rowlandson (2008), Eric Russell (2009-2010), Jason Patton (2011-2013), Ben Carr (2012-2013), and Victoria Walker (2014-2015). Brian Viner also helped with the class several times in the late 2000's. Due to the large enrollment (10-year average enrollment of 301 students) the course is taught using course management software (Blackboard Learn in 2011, WebCT previously). We are using, with success, a wireless polling system (the TurningPoint classroom response system) that allows both students and faculty to obtain immediate feedback by displaying student responses to multiple-choice quiz questions. Here is an activity page that reveals why Earth has seasons that I initially developed for the Four Seasons Project (Science Center of Iowa)!

Agronomy / Environmental Science / Meteorology 405/505: Environmental Biophysics.
I teach 405/505 in alternate years (odd spring semesters, first class was in Spring 2005). The course closely follows Campbell and Norman's An Introduction to Environmental Biophysics.

Electrical Engineering / Meteorology / Agronomy 518: Microwave Remote Sensing.
I teach 518 in alternate years (even spring semesters, first class was in Spring 2006).

The University of Michigan
I taught Supplemental Instruction (SI) sections for EECS 210, the first electrical engineering class in the undergraduate program. Here is the OUTLINE.

The University of Mississippi
Resources developed during graduate study:

Clarksdale High School
Labs for high school chemistry: If you teach physical science at either the middle or high school level, you'll love TOPS Task Cards!

And when kids get rowdy...

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