Rana Biswas

Position : Adjunct Associate Professor of Physics
Physicist, Microelectronics Research Center and Ames Laboratory
Office: A506 Physics Bldg.
Phone: (515) 294-6987
Fax: (515) 294-0689
E-mail: biswasr@iastate.edu

B.Sc.: Bombay University, 1976
M.Sc.: Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay), 1978
Ph.D.: Cornell University 1984
Research Interests:


Electromagnetics. Design and simulation of photonic band gap crystals. Photonic band structure, electromagnetic simulations and wave propagation in photonic crystals. Development of novel electromagnetic applications in the microwave, millimeter-wave, infrared and optical frequencies utilizing photonic band gap structures (theory and experiment). Nanostructured materials and ceramics for photonic applications.


Novel antennas and filters using photonic crystals. Directional antennas and receivers. Finite-difference-time-domain simulations. Design of infrared sources. Joint applications development with industrial collaborators.


Molecular dynamics and electronic properties of semiconductor materials. Simulation of the structure, metastability, light-induced defects and hydrogen motion in solar cell materials. Amorphous silicon and microcrystalline materials. Vibrational properties of glasses. Tight-binding, classical and abinitio molecular dynamics simulations.


Nanotechnology-based processes. Modeling matter and processes at the nanoscale with atomistic-level simulations. Use of parallel-computing methodologies. Engineering novel devices and nanotechnology applications.


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