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One of the most significant obstacles to sustainability in the horticulture industry is the extensive reliance of present systems on containers made from non-renewable, petroleum-based plastics.  Advances in the area of bioplastics indicate strong potential for the use of these biorenewable, biodegradable materials as sustainable replacements for petroleum-based plastics in horticultural crop containers. 

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• Speakers

                William Graves

                Dave Grewell

                Barrett Kirwan

                Heidi Kratsch

                Samy Madbouly

                Hannah Mathers

                Kenneth McCabe

                James Schrader

                Shankar Srinivasan

































The 2012 Bioplastic Container Cropping Systems Conference on August 15 was a huge success, with representatives from across the country in attendance. The presentation slides are available for viewing in PDF format on the BCCS Conference Presentations page.


As part of a three-day Plastics Workshop Series at Iowa State University, the 2012 Bioplastic Container Cropping Systems Conference on August 15 provides a unique opportunity for direct interaction among researchers and stakeholders from the biomaterials, plastics, and horticulture industries to report, discuss, and advance the technology of bioplastic container cropping systems.

• The Bioplastic Container Cropping Systems Conference is open to the first 60 who register.

• The Three-day Workshop Series can be attended for Continuing Education Credits