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Specialty Crops Research at Iowa State University, Ohio State University, University of Illinois, and University of Nevada

Emerging technologies in the area of bioplastics show strong potential for the use of these biorenewable, biodegradable materials in container specialty cropping systems. Bioplastic container cropping systems could improve sustainability and profitability over the long term by reducing our dependence on foreign crude oil, by eliminating the costs associated with disposal of non-biodegradable containers, and by providing an input of nitrogen fertilizer as a byproduct of container degradation.

If you are interested in learning more about the development and implementation of bioplastics technology in the specialty-crops horticulture industry, please see the links on this page, our extension webpage, and our youtube channels for research and extension.

This research is funded by the USDA - Specialty Crop Research Initiative (SCRI),  Iowa State University, and by contributions from the United Soybean BoardMetabolix Arizona Chemical,  R&D Leverage,  Aspen Research Corporation,  Mid-Contentent Tool and MoldingVistaTek Nursery Supplies Inc., and Laurel BioComposite.

                    6-week-old Salvia in injection-molded                               31 Bioplastic containers and composites                          bioplastic containers                                                                  evaluated in Round 1