Ben Howell

English 314

Reflection Essay


While responding to a request to help design a video simulation of a walk through the woods, I discovered many things about myself. Different aspects of the walk through the woods signify different aspects of my life and personality. I will examine and analyze most interesting discoveries. I will begin with a look at my choice to take my walk alone and my choices for equipment. I will then progress to look at the general terrain of my walk as well as any rocks I encounter††††††††††††††† . I conclude by looking at the meaning of my encounter with a doe mule deer and her fawn.

In the beginning of the simulation, I had to choose if I was going to walk alone or with someone else. This gives insight into my interaction with others. The choice to walk alone indicates that I am more comfortable with myself. I do not have a need to be like other people to fit in and be happy. I felt choosing to be walking alone was an accurate representation of my view of my interaction with others. I tend to be a bit withdrawn in large groups however in small groups I tend to be much more vocal.

The choices for equipment indicate preparation for things in life. This representation of how prepared I am in the things I do in life was a mixed representation. While in some things I prepare well such as in physical tasks, preparation for things of a more mental or intellectual matter tend to be lacking. I am much more likely to prepare for something physical such as getting in shape or strength training in order to be physically ready for a task. As far as the intellectual perspective, in my preparation for things like exams and presentations I tend to take shortcuts. I do not spend a great deal of time studying for exams and tend to cram right before the exam. My presentations are generally not overly prepared and generally are given flying by the seat of my pants.

The general terrain of the walk and rocks represent the general view on life and the obstacles encountered. The gently rolling terrain and near perfect weather is a fairly accurate representation of how I see my life. There are some bumps and challenges with few major problems. In general I feel my life flows without issue. I tend to enjoy life and the path it is going.

The rocks in the woods represent obstacles in life and the process of getting around the rocks is an indication of how problems in life are tackled. The variation in size and composition of the rocks in my journey show the differing size and context of problems in life. Climbing over or going around is an accurate representation about how I attack problems. Since problems vary in size and difficulty, different approaches need to be taken to resolve the problems. Even the largest problems can be overcome although some take more time and effort than others to overcome.

Analysis: animal that reflects your characteristics

The encounter with an animal is a look into your personality. I feel that the choice of a deer loosely fit my personality. I have been known to be rather shy as are the deer. One difference is my shyness tends to be limited to situations where I am in a large group of people.In small groups of around 20 of less I am much more open and vocal.

In this exercise I saw a female deer and I am male. This could have been not to gender, but to my nurturing nature. I have always been the kind of person who wants to help others and nurture the development of skills in an area of my expertise. In many aspects of my life I have noticed this. As a Boy Scout, I was always one who took younger scouts under my wing and helped them when other older scouts didnít see that as the cool thing to do. I later applied my scouting skills to a summer job. I have spent two summers teaching scouting groups the skills for backpacking in the mountains of northeast New Mexico. I nurture the development of the youth leaders within the crews, both the crew leader and the chaplain aids.

I have also had a nurturing role in my experiences with theatre, both high school and college. When I started theatre in high school I was already a year behind due to not getting involved until my sophomore year. I quickly picked up all of the basic skills as well as some more specialized skills such as lighting, audio and rigging. After obtaining these basic skills, I quickly took the lead of the tech crew as the stage manager for a year and a half.

When I came to college, I once again had to start by learning and soon became a teacher. After a semester working in the scene shop, I began teaching the theatre lab students as my work study job. This was a job that most of the scene shop employees did not care for because they did not want to deal with lab students. I saw this as an opportunity to share something I enjoyed with people who wanted to learn about theatre. This is another example of my nurturing attitude.

Overall the walk through the woods was a fairly accurate representation of my personality and outlook on life. There were some differences in minor details, the main themes were accurate. My general outlook on life, interaction with others, preparation and aspects of my personality are all shown in my walk through the woods.