NMR Facility Policies


The facility is available to all ISU researchers: faculty, staff and students. The facility operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Research projects should be related to biological systems. However, non-biological users are welcome to use the instruments when time is available. In this regard our facility works cooperatively with the Chemical Instrumentation Facility whose NMR instrumentation complements ours.

NMR instrument time may be reserved by anyone having a username. To obtain a username you must complete an application form and supply an ISU account number for billing. For further information contact the facility manager .

The deadline for reserving NMR time is noon Friday, for the week commencing the following Monday. Time may be reserved by contacting the facility manager . Schedules for the current and upcoming week are displayed in the NMR lab. Note that it may be necessary to reserve large blocks ( > 24 hours) more than one week in advance. Every week the block Wed 9:00 AM to Thurs 9:00 is reserved for facility maintenance and development. Time will be allocated to users as it is available; we will attempt to give all users fair access.

Authorized users have access to the NMR lab and may operate the spectrometer without supervision. Users must complete at least two training sessions before they will be authorized.

Data collection and analysis

Investigators may submit samples and the facility will run NMR spectra and assist in data interpretation. There are on-line instructions for NMR sample preparation. The NMR time used will charged at the normal rate. This service will be provided for projects of limited scope and may also be limited by the availability of operator time.


For projects beyond the scope of a simple analytical service, e.g., structure determination, the facility will provide assistance on a collaborative basis. Users will be billed only for the NMR time used by their project.

Collaborative activities include:


Facility staff will train users in general spectrometer operation and will assist users in performing the specific experiments required for their projects. Training is manditory for users to be authorized to operate the spectrometer on their own. Users will be billed for NMR time at the normal rate during training sessions. The facility also periodically conducts NMR workshops. A set of on-line operating instructions is also available.


500 MHz time: $12.00/hour

700 MHz time: $13.00/hour

ISU users (and users from affiliated institutions – essentially anyone who has an internal ISU billing account) are charged a uniform rate of $12.00/hour for 500 MHz spectrometer time and $13.00/hour for 700 MHz spectrometer time. These rates are reviewed annually. This is determined automatically from the system log of the NMR console computer. Users will be charged for the time they run the program Topspin regardless of whether they are actually collecting data. Users will not be charged if they log in remotely, e.g., to retrieve data for off-line processing.