About Me

I'm an assistant professer of Psychology at Iowa State University, in Ames Iowa.  My research interest is judgment and decision making.  How do people make decisions?  How do people form probabiliy estimates?  How do we react to risk and think about the future?  How can we improve decision making?

Bethany at Mt. Evans

Research Interests

  • Risky choice
  • Intertemporal choice
  • Relationship between risky and intemporal choice
  • Emotions in decision making
  • Decision biases such as the Allais Paradox
  • Consumer decision making

Selected Publications

Click here to see selected publications available online


  • Psych 318: Thinking and Decision Making
  • Psych 592Q: Graduate Seminar in Decision Making
  • Psych 302:  Research Methods in Psychology

Where to find me

Office       0020  Office and Laboratory building
                  (connects Physics and Gilman)

Lab           0022  Office and Laboratory building

Phone       515-294-3393

Fax            515-294-6424

Email         bethany@iastate.edu

Address   Department of Psychology
                   W112 Lagomarcinio Hall
                   Iowa State University
                   Ames, IA, 50011-3180

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