HGED 597


ELPS Rubrics
Microsoft Word File [DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE]
This is an easy way for you to show "where you are at" with the entire evaluation process.  In order to do this - you can insert your information into the system.  To shade in an area in teh tables, you will need to utilize your cursor arrow - it will highlight the specific area... you can then right click and Borders and Shading will show up on the pop-up menu.  Go to Shading - it works out best to shade to 35%.

Microsoft ACCESS File [DOWNLOAD]

This will assist you in developing your plan for the Program of Study.  There are reports already made - so that it looks like the way a "core" report should - which I think is cool *happy smile here*

To input your information:

  • Download the ACCESS file
  • Open it
  • You will see the various tabs
  • Click on Table
  • Note the way in which it is set-up - you can track all sorts of things if you would like to.  Note that the semester column - you will need to put a number in front of the semester - i.e. 01 Spring; 02 - Summer; & 03 - Fall.

Reports [LBW's REPORT - PDF]:

  • Click on Reports - the Core Report will show you the various cores listed the way in which the program is created
  • Click on When - and you can figure out how your classes will lay out according to semesters and years
  • If you would like to add your name at the top - which I would hope you would
  • Click on the triangle icon - upper left part of the gray bar - that will put your screen into design mode - you can then click on the word coursework - and add your name in front of it - change the font, etc. :)
  • Then click on that icon again - it will go to what the report will look like - cool huh?  You can then print and you are done!

Questions? Feel free to email me at bestler at iastate dot edu - I will try my best to help you out!

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