Applied & Environmental Geophysics


(Geology 451/551, 3 credits, same as EnSci 451/551)


       Seismic, electrical, electromagnetic, ground-penetrating radar, gravity, and magnetic surveys

       Subsurface imaging

       Field work with seismic, resistivity, and radar equipment

       Geological-interpretation software


Instructor: Igor Beresnev, Geological & Atmospheric Sciences, 4-7529,

Reg. #: 7599005 (Geol 451), 3090005 (EnSci 451), 7602005 (Geol 551), 3199005 (EnSci 551)

Schedule: MW 10-11, F 10-12 (Lab)

Prereq.: Introductory geology and math



Subsurface cross-section along the northern side of Science I building


Obtained using electrical-resistivity imaging. Field data will be collected and interpreted as part of this course.