Training Environment and Opportunities

The Becraft lab participates in several programs at Iowa State University.

The lab belongs to two departments: Genetics, Development & Cell Biology and Agronomy. (The Zoology & Genetics Department is involved in a reorganization and next year the lab will belong to the Genetics, Cell and Developmental and Biology Department)

It also is involved in several interdisciplinary groups including the Interdepartmental Genetics (IG), Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (MCDB), Interdepartmental Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology (IPPM) and the Plant Sciences Institute.

Our lab is located in the modern Molecular Biology Building, which is shared with the Department of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology. Additionally, many of the campus's Biotechnology Facilities are conveniently located in this building.

This provides rich interactions and cross feed from researchers using a wide variety of approaches to study problems of both basic and applied significance. Excellent facilities ensure that research will not be hindered by technical limitations. As such, students and postdocs are provided a stimulating environment in which to develop.