Principles of Biology II (Biol 212)

This is a 3-credit course comprising the second semester of a year long introductory level biology course. This semester focuses on cell biology, molecular genetics and physiological processes primarily in animals and plants. I co-instruct with Jeff Essner.

Transmission Genetics (Gen 410)

This is a 3 credit upper division undergraduate course, primarily for Genetics majors. It is a companion course to Gen 411 Molecular Genetics. Together, these courses expose students to the current principles and practices in the field of genetics. The course is co-taught with Tom Peterson.

Plant Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology (GDCB 545)

This is a 3 credit graduate course focusing on the experimental analysis of cellular and molecular mechanisms that govern plant developmental biology. The course is taught from the primary literature and features critical evaluation of experimental design and data interpretation. Co-instructed by Steve Howell and Diane Bassham.