The Current Lab

Left to right, Gibum Yi is a PhD student in the Interdepartmental Plant Biology program. PI, Becraft. Gokhan Kir, Ph.D. student in the Interdepartmental Genetics program.


Past Lab Members

Prof. Yong-Sun Moon , visiting scientist from Yeungnam University

Antony Chettoor , Postdoc, Stanford University

Kejian Li , Research Scientist, Dupont Inc.

Juan Liu , Research Scientist, Pioneer Hi-Bred Intl., Inc.

Xueyuan Cao, Research Scientist at St. Judes Children's Hospital

Nrisingha Dey, Research Leader, Institute of Life Sciences 

Yuan Zhang, M.S., 2001; currently Ph.D. student at Carnegie Melon University

Ping Jin, M.S. 1999; currently research scientist, Torrey Mesa Research Institute.

Prof. Sang-Gon Suh , visiting scientist from Yeungnam University