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June 21
You'll find the revised syllabus here and on the assignments page. In the future, I'll post similar announcements. You might check this link periodically.
June 23

Just a reminder to meet in the Lab tomorrow. Hope everyone gets there:).

June 24
Posting 1: Discuss in several detailed paragraphs an ethical choice you had to mak concerning your job, college studies, or personal life. Discuss what factors made the decision difficult for you, and discuss how you resolved the situation.
 June 26 Put the assignment Annotated Bibliography up on the web site. This is the one I'll want you to follow for your assignment. I'll provide you with some other information on Monday. Also be sure to have your topic written down and ready to go on Monday.
 June 30 Hi gang, Posting #2: :
Suppose you are required to complete a document or a project without enough time to create a quality product. Write a paragraph discussing the ethical and professional issues that potentially arise when you are required to create a document or project with too little time to assure quality.*
International Communication
As you would expect, different cultures have different expectations concerning planning, time management, and schedule. Write a paragraph discussing some potential problems in dealing with a client from a culture that has a more relaxed view than American culture of keeping appointments.*
 July 3 LASilks Case: After reading the case do Assignments 3: Recommendation Memo and Assignment 4: Informative Letter. Be sure to word process each document. Also fill out an Audience and Use Profile sheet for both the memo and letter. Due date is July 8.
 July 10

Posting #3

Ethics and Professionalism

Descrilbe what you think about someone who uses any means necessary to get ahead in the company, even if the practices are unethical or illegal.

Using any source you prefer, find a job outside the US. Make a list of the special requirements/skills/qualities you would need for that position. Also mention any other additional skills you think would benefit you.

 July 10 Reminder about next week: Be sure to read the book and bring it to class for discussion/questions. We will not be going to the lab this week so be sure to meet in the classroom.