I will use this page to post announcements, post web sites, or other information you will need. Please check the site periodically (During class, I will also mention times to check the site).


On Feb. 12 (Tue), there is a panel discussion on the future of Ag in Iowa. 7:00pm in Curtiss Hall. Plan to attend. I'll mention this in class.

Jan. 27

Just a reminder about the room changes - Monday lab is in Durham 91.

 Feb. 5

Sorry about not being in my office today. A notice was supposed to be posted but I found out it wasn't. If you stopped by, I apologize. Chances are good that I will not be in Ames tomorrow. I will notify the administration that I'm cancelling classes for Wed. Feb. 6. I will be in my office on Thursday if you want to stop by. We will pick up Naked Economics, chapters 1-3 on Friday.Your paper will also be due on Friday. See you then. If things change, we will have class tomorrow. Keep checking; I'll keep you posted.

 Feb 6

Ok, the roads are bad and things are closed down here in DSM, so I'm cancelling clases for today. Pass the word. I'll be in tomorrow and back on track for Friday. Stay warm.

  Sample annotated bib examples . Example 1 Example 2
Mar. 3 Sorry I missed you folks today. The roads were bad and Des Moines people forgot how to drive in the snow. I'm in the office if you want to drop by and hand in your paper/discuss it...I'll bring examples of the mini page to class on Wed.