bbana - The Big Brother Analysis Tool

Types of Output

bbana has the capability of producing two types of output - text and graphical. The text output is an ASCII listing of the data you have chosen to study written to a file which you can browse later. The graphical output is a GIF image of an x-y plot of the data with either a length of time, a count of instances or a flag of 1 or 0 on the y axis and a combination of the fields you have chosen to output along the x axis. In this sub menu you can choose to have one or both types of data created


Output Type Menu

An X appearing next to an output type indicates that you would like that type of output produced. The ASCII option is chosen by default as shown in this figure. You can choose which type of output you would like by using the arrow keys or entering the number next to the field and hitting the Return or Enter key. Each field acts like a toggle switch. Each time you hit Return or Enter, that field will be marked as chosen or unmarked.

Once we have chosen the fields we like, we can return to the output parameters menu by choosing option 1 and hitting the Return or Enter key. The choices of output you have made in this menu will remain in effect for all of your analyses until you explicitly change them with this menu later. Note: If you choose the u)p or t)op options, the choices you have made in this menu will be lost.