bbana - The Big Brother Analysis Tool

Fields to Output

When you choose this option, you are presented with a sub-menu from which you can select which fields you would like to appear in your output. The possible field choices are dependent on which analysis you are doing and hence will vary from analysis to analysis. For our current example, your field choices would look something like the following:

Fields Menu

Fields with an X next to them are the fields which will be included in our output. There are certain fields which are chosen by default for each analysis and those fields will be marked when you first enter the menu. You can choose which fields you would like included by using the arrow keys or entering the number next to the field and hitting the Return or Enter key. Each field acts like a toggle switch. Each time you hit Return or Enter, that field will be marked as chosen or unmarked. For example, if we choose to output only the date, the hour, the command issued and the number of times that command was issued, our display should look like this

Fields Menu with Chosen Fields

Once we have chosen the fields we like, we can return to the output parameters menu by choosing option 1 and hitting the Return or Enter key. So long as you continue in the same analysis, the choices you make will remain the same until you have changed them. Note: If you choose the u)p or t)op options, the choices you have made in this menu will be lost.