bbana - The Big Brother Analysis Tool

Choosing a Range of Dates

Since bbd records data for each date in a separate database file, you need to specify the range of dates in order to study data for multiple dates. The default range is the current day

Initial Date Range Menu

You can change the range of dates by using the Tab key or the up and down arrows to move between the date fields and then the left and right arrows and the Backspace or Delete key to modify the year, the month or the date.

For our example, we wish to study data for July 7, 1998. After making our changes, the menu should look like this

Example Date Range Menu

When you are finished, just hit the Enter or Return keys to save your choices.

So long as you continue in the same analysis, the choices you make will remain the same until you have changed them.

If there is no data for the dates you choose, nothing will be returned.