Big Brother - The Benevolent Voyeur


(Before describing what Big Brother is in detail, you should read this disclaimer describing what Big Brother is not.)


What is Big Brother?


(The Big Brother Network Configuration) Big Brother is a set of three Perl scripts designed to maintain a database of processes running on a UNIX machine. Big Brother uses a client-server model permitting data to be collected and monitored on the same or different machines. Two of these scripts, bbd and bbrd, collect and transmit the data for and must reside on each machine you wish to monitor. The third script, bbana, provides a menued interface to the data which generates a variety of user-defined statistics and may be run on any machine in your network. There is also a web interface and an automatic weekly report generation package, bbw.


System and Software Requirements


Big Brother is limited only by the version of Perl you may be running and the types of machines for which it is configured


Big Brother requires the following software:


Big Brother is currently configured for

You may add additional systems simply by modifying bbd to include the ps column numbers for your system