bbd - The Big Brother Daemon


How bbd works

On the machine to be monitored, data from the process table is sampled by bbd, the Big Brother daemon, using the output from ps. The script first determines the type of machine on which it is running in order to determine the correct parameters it must pass to ps and in order to correctly interpret the output of ps on that machine. It then opens a dbm database tied to a file into which it stores its information. A new database file is opened for each day. Next, the script samples the process table using ps at regular time intervals (sample_time_increment defined by the user on the command line). bbd finally writes the following information from ps to the database file:

The first four elements of this list are used as the database key, thus maintaining a one-to-one correspondence between a given process and its entry in the database.


Command Line Options


bbd takes the following command line options