Research Opportunities:                                                                                   
If you are interested in studying challenging research problems in interdisciplinary areas from both the analytical and experimental prospective, then you are at the right place! 
If you would like to be involved in the design of frontier mechanics experiments, employing the latest available technologies, 
then come on board.
My general research interest lies in the area of the micromechanics of fracture and plasticity of crystalline solids and advanced materials (Cellular Materials and Biomaterials systems); interfacial fracture in composites, functionally graded materials, and metal-ceramic interfaces (with emphasis on the reliability and thermal management of high power electronics). My other interests are coupled systems with thermo-mechanical or thermo-electrical loading.  

My current projects are: 

- Multifunconal Ultralight Sandwich panels (support bending loads, dissipate    
  heat, suppress noise .. etc.). The proposed metal cores are: 
       * Metallic Foams with either open or closed cells 
       * Lattice Blocks 
       * Two dimensional cellular arrays  

- Mechanics underlying the reliability of multilayer materials with emphasis on 
  britlle/ductile interfaces as applied to microelectronic devices and coating 

If you have some adventurous ideas in these or any related areas, come and share it, I may be interested.