Projects at Iowa State

This page contains a list of projects I completed at Iowa State University. A couple of them were group projects, for these I will outline the areas I was responsible for.

Physics 222 Research Paper

Modeling a guitar/amplifier system

This is a group paper that me and two other group members wrote for Classical Physics II. The paper explains how an electric guitar warks, it actually uses electromagnetism. The paper also gives a possible mathematical model for the guitar and amplifier system. We obtained this model by using a program that record the decibel level of the guitar with and without the amplifier. I wrote the conclusion to the paper. You can see the entire paper by clicking on the link above.

Meteorology 406 Research paper

Climate of the Southeast United States

This is a group paper that me and three other group members wrote for Climate of the Continents. The paper outlines the climate of the southeastern United States, physical causes of the climate, the effects of the climate on society, and the effects global warming are expected to have on the climate. I wrote the climate section and the introduction.

English 314 Unit #1 Project

Unit #1

Our first project in English 314 was to create an information sheet that described and explained a technical product, process, or concept used regularly in field of study. For my project I chose to explain how to perform a simple weather forecast. Also included witht this project is glossary, and a memo of transmittal. The glossary defines terms I used in my information sheet that people outside the field of meteorology wouldn't understand.

English 314 Unit #2 Project

Unit #2

Our second project in English 314 was to create a step by step guide that would help people accomplish a certain task. Then we were to post the instructions on the internet and interact with people who had read or used the instructions. I chose to create a guide on how to care for a green iguana. I used the "Instructables" website to post my instructions to the internet.

Meteorology 227 Fortran Program

Fortran 90 Program
Sounding File

In my first semester at Iowa State I took Meteorology 227, which is a class on Fortran 90. I wrote several programs over the semester. This program reads an atmospheric sounding file and uses the variables in the file to calculate several parameters and stability indices including: Freezing level, total totals Index, K-Index, Sweat Index, and the pressure level of the maximum wind speed. I have inluded a link to the code, and the sounding file.


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