J. L. Stanford, and J. R. Ziemke, Iowa State University department of Physics and Astronomy, Ames, 50010

Field (Map) Statistics. (CHAPTER 16 of STATISTICAL METHODS FOR PHYSICAL SCIENCE, J. L. Stanford and S. B. Vardeman, eds., Academic Press, 1994, Volume 28 in the series METHODS OF EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS), pages 457-479.


Monte Carlo methods have been described for testing the statistical significance of fields of a statistic. Examples were given using several actual data time series from current atmospheric physics research. The tests can be important when, as is often the case, the measured data fields contain interdependencies that may give the illusion of nonrandomness. Three different schemes are discussed for generating the noise series used in Monte Carlo tests, and the data examples utilized illustrate how the use of different schemes affect the outcome of the statistical tests.