Writing Samples

          These writing samples were written in fall of '07 in my freshman honors English class. All links open as MS Word documents.

Summary- The summary was written to show my knowledge of summarizing vs. paraphrasing. It was written to prove my ability to summarize written works, which is useful in the business world.

Research Paper- In scientific and technological fields of study, like mine, professionals write research papers to prove a point, back-up their ideas, and to gain more knowledge. This paper was written to show that I can not only do research, but I can also cite it correctly to avoid plagiarism.

Rhetorical Analysis- The rhetorical analysis paper taught me how to appropriately analyze documents, speeches, and visuals using Neo-Aristotelian criticism. In this document, I analyze a picture of Martin Luther King to see how just a picture can be worth a thousand words or ideas.

An Exploration of Academic Culture- The final project in English was to create an artifact that ethically represents an international group on campus and inform our peers. This paper accompanied the slide show to explain the rhetorical ideas behind our choice of slides, pictures, and narration vs. text.