Webmanager of the Astronomy Group Pages

The web pages of the Iowa State Astronomy group went online for the first time in the fall of 1993.

From 1993 and until the summer of 1996 they were being maintained by Vassilis Charmandaris (aka Mr.Virtual). Then Vassilis decided that being the webmanager was not a good incentive to spend more time in Ames so he left the great planes of the Midwest and crossed to the other side of the Atlantic, only to come back to the east coast of the US three years later. He keeps on fiddling with the contents of some pages from time to time. That's what happens if alumni keep their computer accounts...

Starting in the fall of 1996 the position of the curator of the astro web pages went to Sean O'Brien. Sean undertook a major revision in the presentation of the material and gave the web pages the elegant form you see on your screen. In the fall of 1998 though, Sean also left ISU and he's now enjoying the urban lifestyle of Baltimore. Following Sean, Mike Reed maintained the web pages up until the summer of 2001 when the innevitable happened (ie he graduated) and moved south to Missouri. The task was then passed for a year to Dan Smith up until he also graduated and moved to the east coast.

Currently the web pages have no formal web manager. If you want to make correction to them contact Prof. Steve Kawaler the current astro program coordinator.

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