Comments and Contacts

Meet some students who have done this service learning project. 
Feel free to contact them to ask questions either before you decide to volunteer or if you need advice during the process.

"I believe that the reading projects can be great experiences for all kinds of people
for many different reasons. For example, I have recently switched my major to
journalism but have not narrowed my areas of interest within the field. If I ever
found myself reading from a tele-prompter, I believe the practice from reading
to be recorded would be invaluable."  Bruce Fuller

"The experience was something I will always remember, and I learned a lot from it. I enjoyed to get to see the behind the scences work and loved reading
childrens books! It was fun! I would definently do it again if my schedule allowed however this semester that won't be possible but I am keeping it in
mind for next year!!"   Briah 

nora reading"I do think that reading for the IDB was a valuable experience because I got to
put in several hours of community service for a cause that I think is
outstanding.  Besides being able to do something good, I got to learn about the
technical side of digital recording.  I learned how hard and gruesome it can
be, but also how fun it can be.  Since I am from around here, Tim and I are planning on me reading
more books this summer for the IDB.  I'm looking forward to working with him
again".   Nora Seleskie

"I believe that this has been a very valuable experience. I feel like I'm
doing a very good thing and serving society by reading for the Iowa Commission veach_reading
for the Blind. People who are blind are able to listen to recordings of the
books they like or are interested in, and I'm very happy and proud to help
them with that. All in all, this has been a very valuable experience.  I learned how well I can read when I'm
being recorded, and that it is different from just reading out loud to others
or out loud to yourself.  I feel that it's important for everyone to read or listen
to their favorite book, even though I'm not an avid reader, whether they are
blind or not. The experience has been very good and very fun." Chris Veach

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