Links to Lecture Notes and to Review Materials for Exams
The best way to use these notes is to run them off before class and to take notes on them or to use them after lecture to check your own notes and to see some of the examples again.

CAUTION: Notes are loosely based on the power point slides shown and elaborated upon during lecture; there was material covered in lecture that is not dealt with here and there is occasionally material here that we didn't get to in lecture.

Informative Unit

Trouble coming up with an Informative Speech topic?  Try this form to brainstorm great ideas!

Here is Information on Interpreting your PRPSA Scores [the public speaking anxiety measure]

Review Materials for Exam 1 scheduled for Wednesday, September 19

Persuasive Unit

Trouble coming up with a Persuasive Speech topic?  Try this site to brainstorm great ideas!
 Introduction to Persuasive Speaking; Analyzing and Organizing Persuasive Speeches 
Methods of Persuasion: Supporting Materials; Logos, Ethos, and Pathos; Putting it All Together a Review 

Review Materials for Exam 2 scheduled for Wednesday, October 24

Special Occasion Unit

Review Materials for Exam 3 (Final Exam)

For Fall 2007: December 10-14 is Final Exam Week.
The 212 exams are scheduled Monday or Friday as follows: 

For people officially registered for the 2:00 lecture only:
Monday, December 10  12:00- 2:00 p.m.
Final Exam Session is in the LeBaron Lecture Hall
[A non-distracting environment is also available.  See Dr. Slagell.]   

For people officially registered for the 3:00 lecture only:
Friday, December 14  12:-2:00 p.m.  [option]
FINAL EXAM Session is in the LeBaron Lecture Hall
[A non-distracting environment is available.  See Dr. Slagell.] 

NOTE: The final exam is comprehensive.  For your final grade we will use the highest two of your three exam scores, so if you are happy with your score on Unit Exams I and II you are not required to take the final.