Timeline of Puritan Movement

1517–     Martin Luther initiates Protestant Reforms [in Germany]

1534–     King Henry VIII having broken with Rome becomes head of Church of England

1547–     Young Edward becomes King; helps reformers

1553–     Mary Tudor [Bloody Mary] comes to the throne; wants to return to Rome

1558–     Elizabeth comes to the throne and supports reasonable Protestantism

1570s–    Two parties are clear:
            1) rationalistic understanding of church and state
            2) state and church require "purification"; a return to scriptural basis [ala John Foxe]

1581–      Split in puritan movement
                Robert Browne and Robert Harrison found a separatist church

1608–      Separatists leave for the Netherlands [group with leaders like John Smyth, and William Bradford]; these are what came to be known as the pilgrims.

1620–     Pilgrims land in Plymouth
        "reformation without tarrying" -- no compromise
        separate from Church of England
        They are concerned with individual righteousness
1628–     Puritans establish Massachusetts Bay Colony in England [land in America in 1630]
        They remain English and work to reform the church within
        They are concerned with corporate righteousness; and example to all
        A deep covenant theology [as in 1630 Model of Christian Charity]
1691--    Massachusetts charter shifts to civic rather than religious grounds: to vote you had to own property, not be a church member.

1735-1745--  Great Awakening: revivalists such as George Whitefield come to prominence; Jonathan Edwards is caught up in it as well.
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