SpCm 416 Possible Alternative Final Paper Assignment.  Talk to me if something like this would interest you.


Create a Newsletter or a Web site as though you were part of one of the social movements we have studied (American Revolution, Abolition, Civil Rights, Woman Suffrage), but with a speech twist.


1. The project must have a minimum of 6 stories from 400-500 words each.

2. The project must have at least four visuals that help the text: an image, a chart, some information related to the speech or speaker that is presented visually.

3. The project must use some kind of software designed for such tasks: PageMaker, Netscape Composer etc. In other words, no cutting and pasting together a newsletter. The final product must have a professional look.

4. The project must have a bibliography attached. If it is a web site project simply run off the "home page" and staple it to a bibliography with the URL of the site clearly identified. The site must be accessible by class time on December 4.

5. Drafts for the stories must be ready for our class discussion as announced in class.

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