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ARCH 595X Graduate Seminar
Professor Jamie Horwitz

Cultural Inquiry Website

Precedent Research into Thermal Bath/Swimming Pool Issues

Each student was asked to design a navigable website/site-map that compiles and represents precedent research into issues relevant to thermal baths/swimming pools.

The following questions will be answered in the linked websites:

Kevin Barber:
How do you enter a facility and create accessible routes to every element for all populations?

Randy Hamilton:
How can you benefit from the thermal bath without getting into the water?

Fajar Widharta:
What would a designer want to know about lighting in Pool Design?

TJ Olson:
What shape of pool would best fit my site and/or facility?

Liz Wardzinski:
How does refreshment locate itself within the bathhouse, and what are the means of rest in a bathhouse?

Breann Marsh-Narigon:
In what way can the interior and exterior design of a pool structure make the environment permeable? Specifically, how can indoor to outdoor pools, retractable roofs and sun shades help mitigate the transition from indoors to outdoors?

Asa Westphal:
From where and to where does the water go? and what happens to it in the pool?

Doug Conroy:
What do I take into consideration when planning a changing room?

Kent Brockmann:
What types of moving water features can be associated with a bathing context and what are some derived origins from nature?