ARCH 404 Option Studio

Spring 2005

Iowa State University

MWF 1:10pm-5:20pm, CoD 262

Prof: Mikesch Mücke, Ph.D.

Department of Architecture

COD 588, 515-294-8786

Project 2: A Music Room for a Hearing-Impaired Person

Site: Apartment 307 in Sand Dollar Condominium III in Crescent Beach, Florida


Sight (what is visible at what time)

Sound (consider the effect of sound: vibration, movement)

Touch (how different surface materials affect the perception of the space)

Representation: Consider ways in which you can communicate your design most effectively. This may be through collages, a model, drawings (freehand/hardline), etc. Include a written description/narrative about your design.

Due date: January 31 @ 1pm.