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1998 - 2000 Experiments

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2001 - 2003 Experiments

To determine the effect of sodium hypochlorite (AgChlor 310/Decco Buffer 312), chlorine dioxide, and soap solution (KleenUp) on removal of signs of SBFS from apples, and the effect of post-dip brushing time on the removal of SBFS signs.

Dip Treatments
1. Chlorine dioxide 1ppm
2. Chlorine dioxide 5 ppm
3. Sodium hypochlorite 200 ppm
4. Sodium hypochlorite 500 ppm
5. Soap (KleenUp)
6. No dip (brushed and rinsed control)

Brushing Time
For each chemical treatments, we brush the apples for 15s, 30s, 60s, 90s with 6 replications.

Disease Rating
Apples were numbered and a line was drawn bisecting the apple. Paired data were analyzed as reduction of disease signs

% Removal by Brushing, Wisconsin and Iowa
Brushing Time (sec)
% Removal
71 a
72 a
79 b
85 c
LSD (P<0.05)

Click here for the result in Wilson's Orchard, Iowa City, IA.
Click here for the result in Bohl’s Orchard, Poynette, WI.

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