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As of 2002, new fungicides and insecticides are frequently released, current pesticides are classified and declassified as organically-approved, and various chemicals are added to and removed from EPA lists each year. This page should provide a current listing and description of effective, legal products for apple pest management. Always consult package information and extension spray guides for safe, correct application of chemicals.
Click here for Commercial Tree Spray Guide.
Click here for the Midwest Tree Fruit Pest Management Handbook.
As of Jan 2002, Beulate can no longer be used in the orchard. You can use up any stored Beulate, however, at the labeled rates. A good replacement for Beulate is Topsin-M.
A class of newer, exciting fungicides for use in orchards are the strobilurins. These chemicals are at risk for resistance development, however, so they must be used carefully and only according to the label. For an interesting guide to avoiding strobilurin resistance, see (Link).
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