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Several scab-resistant apple cultivars from the Cornell University and Purdue / Rutgers / Illinois (PRI) programs are now widely available from commercial nurseries.

These cultivars require no fungicide applications for scab control, and some also possess good resistance to other diseases, such as fire blight, cedar-apple rust, and powdery mildew.
We have evaluated varietal performance, fruit quality, and consumer preference in Iowa for some of the newer disease-resistant cultivars.

Click here to see enlarged images of the infected apples and leaves.
  • Redfree had high yield, excellent taste, color, and texture, and was highly rated by consumers.
  • Liberty had high yield, good taste, color, and texture, and was rated highly by consumers. It is also resistant to fire blight and cedar-apple rust.
  • Goldrush had high yield and good taste, color, and texture. (Because of its long growing season, it should be trialed only in the southern half of Iowa and Illinois and anywhere in Missouri.)

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