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Quebecois French

Learn French Conveniently

Visit Québec through the eyes and ears of Kate, a sophomore at Iowa State University and an exchange student at Université Laval in Québec, Canada. Join her as she makes new friendships, learns French and experiences a vibrant Quebecois culture.

Our Website offers a fun, interactive way to learn French conveniently with a focus not only on language structures and skills, but also on proper 'real-life' language use.

French is the official language and the one used in public life — at work, in communications, and business. For the Québécois, French represents not only an essential communication tool, but also a common symbol of identity and belonging to Québec.

You and Laval students can also contribute to building this website through your biographies and experience in Québec. Check it out often as we build the French in Québec website and contact us with your comments and suggestions.