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TESL/Applied Linguistics: Financial Aid

Financial Aid Iowa State

There are a variety of opportunities for financial aid for graduate students in TESL/Applied Linguistics and Applied Linguistics & Technology. General information for graduate students at Iowa State University can be found through the Office of Student Financial Aid. More specifically, Applied Linguistics students may be eligible for teaching assistantships, research and administrative assistantships, or scholarships to help finance their graduate study.

Teaching Assistantships

Most financial aid is in the form of teaching assistantships. This typically involves teaching 4 courses per academic year. Applied Linguistics graduate students will teach a variety of courses during their graduate work, including English 150 and 250 (the required writing courses), English 101 (English courses for international students), English 180 (English for international teaching assistants), English 219 and 220 (for Ph.D students only), or in the Intensive English program.

Research and Administrative Assistantships

Research and administrative assistantships are also frequently available. These are more likely to be awarded to students beyond the first semester and involve working with a professor on a funded research project or in editing a professional journal.


All admitted students are eligible for a number of English Department and Graduate College scholarships and awards. The English Department maintains a web page with more information about asssitantships.

Summer Teaching

Summer teaching may be available depending on the number of classes offered. Graduate assistants may be considered for these appointments. Requests should be made to the department scheduling officer.

Tuition and Fees

Current tuition and fees for graduate students can be accessed online at the Office of the Registrar. Graduate students who hold a graduate assistantship are assessed tuition and fees at the resident rate. M.A. students who hold assistantships also receive 50% tuition reduction while qualifying PhD students receive 100% tuition reduction

Health insurance for students with graduate assistantships is also paid for. Other fees are not covered and are the responsibility of the student.