Iowa State University
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of English


Applied Linguistics Program: Faculty

Current Faculty Members


Our faculty members have world-class teaching and research strengths in areas where Applied Linguistics and Technology intersect:


Gulbahar Beckett, PhD (British Columbia), Professor: sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, and cultural issues in second language learning and teaching.


Elena Cotos, MA (Moldova State), PhD (Iowa State), Adjunct Assistant Professor: developing and applying computational methods for analysis and assessment of discipline-specific writing; research on linguistic practices in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines, to improve writing pedagogy.


Carol A. Chapelle, AM, PhD (UIUC), Distinguished Professor: studying the language of academic and professional writing in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines; developing and investigating the use of automated feedback for English learners’ writing;. methods for validation of language tests; cultural material in beginning French textbooks


Evgeny Chukharev-Hudilainen, MS (Arkhangelsk State), PhD (Herzen State), Assistant Professor: applying psycholinguistics, cognitive and computational linguistics to building robust and efficient computer-based tools for foreign language learning and assessment.


Bethany Gray MA (Iowa State), PhD (Northern Arizona), Assistant Professor: studying linguistic variation across registers and speakers/writers: applying corpus linguistics methodologies to the synchronic and diachronic study of academic writing.


Volker Hegelheimer, MA, PhD (UIUC), Professor: technology in language teaching and research, language assessment, and research methodology: applying technology to language learning and language testing.


John M. Levis, MA, PhD (UIUC), Professor: the intelligibility of spoken language, intonational phonology, and the role of dialect awareness in ESL teachers; the interface of phonology/phonetics and language teaching methods for oral communication, in particular the integration of pronunciation and oral communication.


David Oakey, MEd, PhD (Leeds), Assistant Professor: applying corpus linguistics methodologies to the discourse of interdisciplinary research collaboration; English grammar, vocabulary, and lexico-grammar; phraseology, formulaic language, collocation, and multi-word expressions.


Gary Ockey, MA (Utah), PhD (UCLA), Associate Professor: assessment of second language oral communication


Jim Ranalli, MA (Birmingham), PhD (Iowa State), Adjunct Assistant Professor: the intersection of second language vocabulary learning, technology, and self-regulation; instructional design and task-based learning and teaching


Barbara Schwarte, PhD (UIUC), Associate Professor: cross-cultural comparison of pragmatic usage of different speech acts and the teaching of critical thinking skills.


Tammy Slater, MA, PhD (British Columbia), Assistant Professor: using systemic functional linguistics, seeks to understand and help school practitioners understand language/content connections.


Emeritus Professors


Dan Douglas, MA (Hawaii), PhD (Edinburgh), Professor Emeritus: studying context in second language acquisition and testing language ability in specific academic and professional contexts.


Roberta Vann, MS, PhD (Indiana), Professor Emerita: literacy and discourse issues related to second language learning.