Iowa State University
Department of English


Cross-Disciplinary Program in Linguistics

Undergraduate Requirements

Minors in linguistics are usually individually tailored to the interest of the student, who consults with the chair of the supervisory committee for linguistics.  All minors must have a minimum of 15 credits in linguistics, of which 6 credits must be in courses numbered over 300.  All programs must include LING 219.

For more information, contact Greta Muller-Levis.

Graduate Minor

A graduate minor in linguistics is offered through a cooperative agreement with the departments of Anthropology, Computer Science, English, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Psychology, and the program in Speech Communication. For the master's degree, a declared minor consists of 9 credits in linguistics, including two foundation courses (511 and 537) and one elective from the list of courses approved for graduate credit. For the Ph.D. degree, the minor consists of 12 credits in linguistics including two foundation courses (511 and 537) and two electives. Students in Teaching English as a Second Language are not eligible for a graduate minor in linguistics.

The following courses may be used in graduate programs with the approval of the student's program of study committee: LING/COMS 331, LING/ENGL 420, LING/ENGL 422, LING/ENGL 425, LING/CMDIS 471, LING/WLC 486, LING/WLC 487.

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